Laying up & launching

Laying up & launching

Although it won't take more than a couple of hours of your time each year, your engine will run more reliably and economically and use less fuel, with less chance of unnecessary breakdowns.

Consult a authorized Volvo Penta dealer if you do not wish to do this yourself.

You will find more detailed information around winterazation in our do-it-yourself books which can be ordered through a Volvo Penta dealer.

Always use Genuine Volvo Penta Parts. That way you can be confident that the parts you use will be of the right quality and fit perfectly.

Remember the environment.
- collect any oil, coolant, degreaser, paint, etc., and dispose in proper containers.

The operator's manual will give you the proper intervals for your particular engine. However, entirely different intervals apply, if you use the engine for commercial purposes or in very polluted waters.